Wedding Flowers: Do-It-Yourself

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Couples typically spend nine to 12 months planning their event. When it comes to flowers, the majority of couples will work with a floral designer to take care of all the floral and styling details. 

   Jarvis Chen

 Jarvis Chen

There is another option, and it's one that I've seen growing in popularity for a couple reasons, and that's DIY (do-it-yourself) wedding flowers. 

Why choose DIY flowers?

Most of my DIY clients choose to do their own wedding flowers in order to meet their budget needs. There's no shame in this. Weddings are expensive! My DIY clients are often over the moon to learn they can incorporate high-quality, locally-grown Vermont flowers at their wedding on a small budget. Win-win!

Vermont DIY wedding flowers

On the other hand, some of our brides are just really excited about creating arrangements with their close friends the day before their wedding. If you've got a gaggle of creative friends willing to help you tackle the task, it's definitely doable. I love hearing about the fun my DIY brides had playing with flowers while sipping champagne with their besties!

Then there are the couples getting hitched backyard barbecue-style with only a handful of guests, and they just want some vintage jars and bottles filled with summer blooms to decorate picnic tables. 

How to be successful doing your own wedding flowers

A fair amount of forethought and planning are necessary to pull it off. Consider the following:

  Jarvis Chen

Jarvis Chen

1. Your vision

What do you want your wedding flowers to look like? If you envision simple, rustic, or wildflower-themed florals, DIY wedding flowers might be a good fit.

Are you more of a Pinterest and wedding blog bride? Do you envision classic, lush, or elegant wedding flowers? Better leave it to the professionals. You're only setting yourself up for a lot of stress and inevitable disappointment otherwise. 

Vermont DIY wedding flowers

DIY brides typically make their own reception decor (centerpieces plus arrangements for the bar, dessert table, and guest book or gift area). If they are comfortable with the idea of a simple, wildflower-inspired bouquet, they may also make bouquets and boutonnieres for the wedding party. If not, they may purchase professionally-designed bouquets and wearables a la carte.

If you're interested in floral installations like arches or chuppas, you'll probably want to reconsider the DIY route. 

2. How much time and help do you have?

DIY weddings with 150 guests and 6-8 helpers typically spend a minimum of 4 hours on their flowers the day before the wedding. 

Vermont DIY wedding flowers

Remember that beforehand, you will also spend time sourcing your supplies and vases, ordering your flowers, and picking them up from the flower farm. 

Be sure to delegate the task of set-up on the big day to a couple of trusted friends that are not part of your wedding party.

3. What are your venue's storage options?

Some venues will have space in a walk-in cooler to store your flowers, but this is rare - and sometimes risky (ie. centerpieces knocked over in a crammed cooler the morning of the wedding. It happens). More typically, venues may be able to offer a shaded outdoor area or air-conditioned room to stash your creations. 

4. Flower seasonality

When purchasing blooms from a local farm, you will be treated to the absolute best of what's in season. Be sure to inquire about what flowers are typically in bloom at that time. If peonies are your favorite flower but your wedding is in August, you'll need to be flexible and embrace seasonality. While peonies are long gone by high summer, we will have a dazzling selection of dahlias! 

Vermont flower farm DIY wedding flowers

You may also need to be flexible with your colors. While I can certainly provide you beautiful blooms in shades of pink, white, and green,  I cannot promise significant quantities of perfectly swatch-matched hues of dusty rose, ecru, and sage green.

If you desire an exact color match, choose the full-service option in order to work with us so we can assemble the color palette you desire.

5. What type of vase will you use?

DIY flowers are best suited to Mason jars, bud vases or vintage bottle collections, or plain glass vases available from craft stores. 

There's a lot to consider when thinking about DIY wedding flowers. If you're feeling at all overwhelmed by the choices and considerations, my best advice is to go with full-service design so that we can attend to all the details and let you cross this big item off your list.

If it sounds manageable for the most part but you're not totally confident about making your own bouquets, or perhaps you have a large wedding party, our a la carte option might be a better fit. 

If you're more excited than ever to dive into making your own wedding flowers after reading this, then give us a shout to request an information packet and reservation form! 

  Jarvis Chen    

Jarvis Chen