Bringing new ideas to light in 2017

When I confessed "What farmers do in winter" I mentioned that dreaming up new ideas was one of my favorite winter tasks. Each season I look forward to the process of bringing a select few out of my notebook pages and into the light of day.

Spring and fall community supported flowers

Our flower CSA (community supported agriculture) has been invaluable from the beginning. The community invested in our flowers during the winter and early spring that first year, which provided us with the last bit of start-up funds we needed to purchase seeds, compost, and irrigation components. 

Three years later, it's still a model we embrace. Not only does it provide that much needed bit of winter cash flow when expenses are high, it also allows us to plan our crops really well. After allocating the majority of our growing space to CSA members, we can then cultivate for florists, retail, and weddings on what remains. 


Thanks to our new hoop house, we're thrilled to be offering both a Spring and Fall flowers share for the first time, in addition to our popular Summer options. Customers told us they'd love flowers earlier, and later, so we're making it happen!

The spring collection will feature many new blooms including anenome, rose-like ranunculus, and fragrant hyacinths. Our heirloom narcissus and frilly tulips will also be included. 

In the fall, we're featuring a focus one of our favorite flowers: dahlias. Members are in for a treat as they explore the myriad colors, forms, and sizes of this autumn beauty. We've been expanding our dahlia tuber collection and can't wait to share these new beauties with you!

Join all 3 seasons, and you'll be treated to luscious local blooms from spring's first warm welcome and beyond fall's first frosts. 

We can't wait to share our flowers with you again.