Melissa Hessney Masters | owner & lead designer

Melissa Hessney Masters | owner & lead designer


conscious creative floristry

Our floral designs are informed by the seasons and our natural surroundings. The clients we collaborate with know intimately the magic of Vermont, and we consider it an honor to distill these elements into our work.

Flowers are one of the special joys that make life beautiful (akin to artisan wine, good chocolate, and leisurely travel in my book). They’re an excellent medium for celebrations, events, exploring creativity, or just conjuring a smile when glancing the arrangement on your desk.

Vermont wedding flowers and flower farm

What is conscious floristry?

It means we grow rather than import many of the flowers used in our designs, following organic practices. It means we’re on a mission to change how flowers are consumed in the US. Currently 80%(!) of the flowers enjoyed in this country are imported. Many of the countries growing these flowers are using toxic pesticides that are illegal in the US and harmful to workers and the environment - not to mention the carbon footprint of overnight shipping perishable product from far-flung lands.

The use of floral foam is another dirty little industry secret. Those green bricks that hold water for arrangements also never biodegrade, and expose workers and florists to toxic chemicals. Needless to say, you won’t find it here. Working without it may require creative problem-solving and a few more bucks, but we, along with our mindful clients, are up for the challenge.

It’s bleak, and not what you want to think about when you conjure up thoughts of blooms. I hear you - me neither. So that’s why we started a farm, why we work with a network of local growers we know and trust to fill the balance, and why we do our homework when we need to source flowers we can’t grow.

Tanglebloom Vermont flower farm wedding florist

Our creative process

The creative process begins when we first connect. I ask, and listen intently, seeking the details of the experience you want to create.

From there, I often move to the garden. The best part about working with blooms grown just steps from my workshop is that on a whim, I can incorporate ethereal elements that may not have been blooming even yesterday. It’s a rare and special luxury that can’t be found in the traditional florist—wholesale supplier model, and it’s part of what sets us apart.

I've been fortunate to learn from sustainable floral industry leaders including Erin Benzakein of Floret, and Ariella Chezar. Continuing education and fresh inspiration are essential to both my design practice and flower farming, and something I take part in several times per year. 


Our flower farm is set on 5 acres between Manchester and Brattleboro, Vermont. We grow 100+ varieties of flowers in both greenhouse and field, always on the lookout for what’s new, pleasantly fragrant, unique, or heirloom. A myriad of unique tulips, fragrant narcissus, and rose-like ranunculus make up our first spring harvests, while a beloved selection of tender dahlias - some as big as your head - finishes our season in the fall.

We primarily design for Vermont, New Hampshire, and New England weddings and events. Tanglebloom’s flower bouquets can also be purchased at select retail locations in Brattleboro and southern Vermont.

Intrepid travelers are welcomed to our open-air cabin for an inspiring dose of nature on our flower farm near Brattleboro, Vermont each season.

Welcome to Tanglebloom. We’re glad you’re here!